4Grinz Flash Casino

4Grinz casino is a top online establishment that’s quickly growing. It’s a popular Flash-based casino that appears to have a good selection of games and some pretty nice bonuses as well. Here we’ll review the offerings that this casino has in-depth and determine whether or not this online casino is worth playing at. Read on to learn more.

Solid Deposit Bonuses

While the 4Grinz Flash casino doesn’t offer a lot of different rewards and bonuses like some sites do, it focuses in on deposit bonuses and specific rewards for players that put money into their accounts. The very first deposit that you make into your account will be matched at 100% up to the top amount offered for the bonus. The second deposit comes with a 50% match, and any deposits after there can be rewarded with a 30% match. That means no matter how many deposits you make into the casino, you’ll still be getting some bonus money that you can gamble with for even more fun.

Good Game Variety

From the moment that you start playing at this Flash casino online, you’ll quickly come to realize just how many different games there are to choose from. Gamblers can pick from a range of slots, including the classic and modern video slots. They can pick from table games like roulette, poker, blackjack, craps and more as well and there are several different varieties of the games to choose from. On top of those standard casino games, there are ample video poker games and some casual gambling options like Virtual racebook games and scratch cards. All together you get a good selection to choose from, which makes it easy to get started gambling here and a lot of fun to keep going over time as well.

Instant Play Fun

There’s nothing worse than becoming a member of a casino, funding your account and getting ready to start playing, only to have to go through the trouble of having to download software before anything will work. That’s an issue that countless gamblers have to deal with, but it’s not an issue at 4Grinz. Instead all the games are Flash based, and they load up nearly instantly. That means the moment that you want to start gambling, you can do so, without worrying about software. The instant games make it easy to switch between computers as well for gambling while on the go.

Fast and Simple Banking

Any good online casino that you’ll try today requires that you deposit money into the account before you begin gambling. Unfortunately, many of these sites take a long time to use and they can be difficult as well. This is not true for 4Grinz. The whole casino relies on Bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency that is very simple to make use of for both deposits and withdrawals. As long as ou don’t mind using this money transfer method, it’s simple to complete deposits and withdrawals in record time. Not only that, but the fees involved are very reasonable as well.

Grinz Points

Long-time players need something more to look forward to than just enjoying their favorite games, and that’s what Grinz points are for. These special loyalty points are given out to gamblers each and every time that they play one of the games at the online casino. These points can be accrued and later spent for special Bitcoin rewards. You can recharge your account balance with enough of these points, and keep gambling for even longer by taking advantage of them. The more you gamble, and the higher your status goes in the loyalty program, the more points you’ll receive.

4Grinz Flash casino is a top online destination with a whole lot to offer gamblers looking for casino-themed fun. There are plenty of games to choose from, there is a good solid bonus program, there are loyalty points to earn and it’s easy to start gambling almost immediately. That’s what makes it a good place for new gamblers, or online players looking for something more convenient than their current casino.