DuckDice Casino

DuckDice casino is an online wagering platform that is designed with dice rollers in mind. The only game available on this platform is a dice rolling game with four eggs. To win the game players must guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than a specific amount. This amount can be adjusted, but the game remains simple to play at all times. The casino runs on cryptocurrency and is quick and easy to start playing at.

About the Casino

The whole platform is very simple which is good for some gamblers and bad for others. All the players that want a site that they can get started with quickly will enjoy what DuckDice casino has to offer. It only takes a moment to sign up, there aren’t a bunch of different banking tools to worry about or a bunch of different games. It’s all simple. This can become boring to some players in a short time though.

Are There Country Restrictions

No, since the site operates fully in cryptocurrency there are no restrictions about players from different countries using the site. Every player should be able to access the site as long as the player has free use of the internet. There are some countries where online wagering is illegal though, so gamblers will have to take care to avoid placing wagers if they’ll be breaking their own countries laws by doing so.

Just Two Games

There are two different games to make use of at this site and nothing more. There’s the main game that’s just a dice roll game where the object is to bet on whether the amount is going to be higher or lower than the specified amount. This game is simple and the odds can be adjusted up or down to achieve higher prize payouts. Along with the basic dice rolling game, there is another game called Sniper. This is a social game that puts multiple players against one another. Each player contributes into a prize pool, and players try to get the closest number to the one specified. The player that gets closest to the number wins all the prize money in the pool. Sniper is a fun gambling opportunity and a way to win a substantial amount in some instances.

No Slots

There are no slot games at all on this site to play around with. Slot gamblers will have to look for other sites to play on if they’re only interested in wagering on a slot game. The dice game included on the site is entertaining, but it can become dull to some players over time.

Playing the Site for Free

While it’s technically true that the dice game only works with real currency and that gamblers will have to have some real coin in their account to play, there are coin faucets that can be used to test out the site without spending any of your own money. Players that want to give the site a try can make use of a coin faucet for a free deposit into their account after completing a short challenge. Once the challenge is complete there will be a tiny balance credited to your account to test out the game with. This is more than enough to go through many rounds of the dice game to get a feel for how it works and to decide if it will be a good option.

Play For Real Money

Playing for real money takes only a few minutes to do. Start by registering, then make a deposit using Bitcoin or another coin type. From there you can start playing the dice game for real money and trying for some nice wins.

No New Games

The dice game is the only option that’s available to gamblers other than Sniper. There are no additional games added to the site, so the only variation gamblers will get are the promotional side games that are added throughout the year. These games have players click on random objects on the screen to unlock additional bonuses, but that all happens while playing the dice game.

Decent Promotional Offers

For being an online site with no house edge, DuckDice offers some decent promotional offers to gamblers that use the site. There are special contests, prize giveaways, birthday rewards and more to take advantage of as a player at the site. While there aren’t traditional welcome bonuses or other special offers like that, gamblers on the site have lots of ways to get bonus coins.

Sniper Tournaments

While there aren’t traditional tournaments like the slot tournaments offered at many online casinos, there is a way to play against other players directly at DuckDice. To do this you just have to open up the Sniper feature while playing the dice game. Do that and you can go up against many other players to try and win a pool of prize money. In this game a specific number is listed. It’s up to the gamblers to try and get the number closest to this amount. Whoever gets the closest number overall will walk away with the prize money from the game. This tournament feature is simple to use, and it’s possible to get involved with multiple tournaments at the same time as well to help add an extra element to the game.

Large or Small Payout Potential

It’s up to you how much you win or lose with this game depending on the settings that you pick out for yourself. You can adjust the value of the number up or down to make winning more difficult and to up the overall prize value that you can unlock from your wager. You can also adjust your wager amount up or down to change how much that you win from this game. It starts out as an affordable game wit ha 50% win chance, but as you play you can move your payout chance in any direction that you want depending on your settings.

Ongoing Rewards

There are small minor rewards like little bonuses and prize opportunities as you play at DuckDice casino. Those are the only perks that you get from playing at this site, so you’ll have to watch out for the seasonal reward opportunities as you play along.

Excellent Mobile Support

This site is simple in design and it works very well on most mobile devices. Whether you have a tablet or a smartphone, it should be simple getting the site to run on your device and you’ll have access to all the different features offered by DuckDice casino as well. The platform runs right in your mobile web browser for simplicity.

A Good Solid Online Platform

There’s no need to download anything in order to use the DuckDice platform. Instead, the whole site will run in your web browser and there is nothing special that must be done to make use of all the different features of the platform. Get used to the different features because you’ll have them all available as you play online.

No Play without Registration

There is no way to start wagering on the site without first registering. Registration is free and there are no country restrictions at all. That means that everyone can register quickly and start looking at all the different features that this site has to offer. Sign up and start testing out the game or trying to unlock the bonuses.

Instantly Play

Since the whole platform is instant play it means that you can load up the game in your web browser within seconds of creating an account. If you are in a hurry to start wagering, you’ll love the way that DuckDice casino works. It’s easy to access and has a powerful mix of features to make use of. Sign up today and start playing around with the different features available.

Unlock Affiliate Rewards

Gamblers serious about earning some affiliate income can do so by bringing in new players to the site. The higher earning affiliates are the ones that bring in the big spenders. It’s possible to earn a part of the minor 1% house edge that the casino gets from the gamblers that come to the site and begin playing. This percentage ranges from 10% to 25% depending on how much the referral wagers over time.

An Active Forum

DuckDice casino is focused on creating an active community of members that can talk with one another. That’s why there is a dedicated forum available to all the players. Anyone interested in talking and getting to know the other members of the site can hop into the forum and start posting about their experience. The forum is available to all members and it can be accessed immediately.

No Live Dealer Games

There are no live dealer games to make use of on this platform. The dice game available is simple in design and won’t feel much like wagering in a casino. For gamblers that like to keep things simple this is beneficial and one of the reasons they keep coming back for more.

Simple Banking Tools

Banking is all done using Bitcoin and exchanges. It’s possible to deposit and withdraw money from the casino using cryptocurrency wallets. The process is quick and easy to go through and there are minimal fees as well. Because the whole site is built on top of cryptocurrency gamblers all over the world can join up and start playing. This way is more convenient for serious gamblers that want to protect their financial information, and it’s easy to get started with as well.

Getting Help

Gamblers that are having trouble can go to the forum to ask others how to make use of the site or they can connect with the support team through the live chat tool. Between these two resources it’s simple to get answers to most common questions and to resolve your issues. Reach out for help if you have a problem and you should be able to get it resolved.

DuckDice casino is a unique online gambling experience and it’s a fun way to wager online with minimal house edge to worry about. Gamblers looking for good wins can profit from this site more than many other forms of wagering as long as they know what they’re doing. Register today and test it out for yourself. You don’t even need to risk real money in order to try many of the features of the site out.