Bitcoin Cash is Becoming a Preferred Payment Solution at Bovada

Cryptocurrencies are an exciting and private way to pay for online purchases and to complete money transfers for all sorts of reasons, but they often don’t offer as many benefits as they claim they will. Bitcoin has always been touted as a safe, fast and affordable way to transfer money online, but over the years it’s become slower and more expensive to use as more people adopt the service. Bitcoin Cash is a split in the Bitcoin blockchain that addresses many of the issues with the payment solution, making it more efficient and affordable. That’s exactly why Bovada is now accepting Bitcoin Cash or BCH as a deposit solution.

Enjoy Fast and Affordable Payments

Bitcoin Cash or BCH is known for being lightning quick and very affordable. While standard Bitcoin will likely cost you a dollar or more in transaction fees to get money sent effectively, BCH will cost you just pennies to do the same exact thing. Not only that, but the transaction speeds are much different as well. Bitcoin can take a day or more to complete transactions for many people, that’s not the case with BCH, it takes just minutes for most people. When you’re in a hurry to join an online casino, to make an online transaction or to complete any sort of payment, BCH looks like the more favorable solution overall.

Playing at Bovada with BCH

If you’re interested in getting started at Bovada and you want to try out Bitcoin Cash as the payment solution, it’s surprisingly easy to do so. The first thing you have to do is set up a BCH wallet, and most of the standard wallet apps and programs will work just fine for that purpose. After you get the wallet set up, you can use one of the available exchanges to convert some of your money into BCH and to deposit the currency into your wallet. Once your wallet is funded you can join Bovada rapidly. Simply sign up for an account, list BCH as the payment method and then transfer the amount of BCH to the casino wallet provided to complete your deposit. The process is simple to do and something that any gambler can go through without trouble.

BCH is growing in popularity, and offering the type of payment solution that Satoshi Nakamoto (Bitcoin’s creator) can be proud of. With major casinos like Bovada beginning to accept the payment solution, it’s clear to see that it’s stable, and using it to fund your online casino account is an excellent way to try the tech out for the first time.